Christmas is a time for laughing, having fun and spending quality time with the family. When your child is coming home from a boarding school in the UK for the Christmas holidays, the celebratory period becomes all the more special.

You have the chance to reconnect and cherish each other’s company. If you are thinking about boarding as an option for your child, visit Alexanders School for more information. This article discusses what it means for families when their children come home for Christmas.

Getting everyone back together

Often, Christmas is the only time in the year when everyone can simultaneously switch off from their busy schedules to spend quality time together. Family comes first at Christmas and if your children are coming back for a while from boarding school you want to make sure you have as much free time as possible.  

Take time off work, cancel your other plans and show your children how much you’ve missed them.

Enjoy festive traditions

Get everyone involved and excited in the lead up to Christmas. Pick out a tree together and spend an afternoon decorating it while the Christmas tunes blast out in the background. Take a walk or a drive around your local neighbourhood and the spot houses with the most Christmas lights.

Pick up some freshly made mince pies from a market and listen to carol singers. The magical glow that comes from twinkling Christmas lights, home-made festive treats and the smell of falling pine leaves is priceless.


Having fun together

Christmas is the season to be jolly! Don’t nag your children about schoolwork or exams. Instead do things as a family which everyone enjoys. Head out together to see a special festive show. Or partake in some good old fashioned family fun by digging out the board-games. 

Bring blankets and pillows into the family room and stay up all night watching Christmas films. It you are feeling the lack of snow here in the UK then take your loved ones ice skating to get in the frosty festive spirit!

Creating warm memories

When your children spend a lot of time away from home it is important to create warm memories at Christmas time which they will cherish when they go back to school. As well as having fun and playing games, spend time reminiscing.

Dig out your old home movies and laugh at the crazy things your kids said and did when they were little. Watching happy memories on camera will bring you closer – as well as getting everyone in stitches as you show embarrassing childhood clips!

Sharing perfect gifts

Giving the perfect gift isn’t about spending loads of money. As well as getting your children what they asked for, be sure to include a special extra present which has sentimental value. Your child will appreciate it this when he or she goes back to boarding school and is missing home.

Create a collage of fun family photos, paint them a picture or gift them an old family keepsake that has a special meaning behind it.

Christmas is a time for family and it is all the more special when you can welcome your kids home from boarding school. Take as much time off as you can and create a memorable celebration for your loved ones with fun games, festive traditions and perfect presents. 

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Today, the 3rd day of January is the perfect day to think about Christmas. Go look for the memory card and download the photos and videos you took onto your computer – if you haven’t already!

Do you see the pictures? In all cases the same thing happens. First, your family is measured. People smiling, talking… and when hours go on, people are laughing much more and that starts the first lost gazes… Yes! Your family start getting drunk! (And you knew that it was the best moment to ask for money, hehe.)
When you have seen all the pictures, start remembering the best moments of Christmas. For me, one of the best moments is when you have to buy all the stuff to prepare the table for Christmas Eve. When my mother deals with it, there is not any problem but, of course, all family have to help with the preparations and this year my father and I had to go to the supermarket and the mess came home, we forgot almost everything except the chips and the dessert. My mum had to go to the supermarket again.

Another favourite moment is when my niece sees the Santa Claus presents. This has an easy explanation and it’s because, at the moment, she is the only child in the family- so all of us are waiting the whole year just for this moment, just to see the happiness in her eyes.

Another great moment is when my cousins and I go out to have a drink and go to the clubs. This year we had breakfast together at 7 a.m. This would repeat at New Year’s Day, when we had the traditional churros with chocolate.

When was your best Christmas moment? Do not be shy, leave a comment!