Today, the 3rd day of January is the perfect day to think about Christmas. Go look for the memory card and download the photos and videos you took onto your computer – if you haven’t already!

Do you see the pictures? In all cases the same thing happens. First, your family is measured. People smiling, talking… and when hours go on, people are laughing much more and that starts the first lost gazes… Yes! Your family start getting drunk! (And you knew that it was the best moment to ask for money, hehe.)
When you have seen all the pictures, start remembering the best moments of Christmas. For me, one of the best moments is when you have to buy all the stuff to prepare the table for Christmas Eve. When my mother deals with it, there is not any problem but, of course, all family have to help with the preparations and this year my father and I had to go to the supermarket and the mess came home, we forgot almost everything except the chips and the dessert. My mum had to go to the supermarket again.

Another favourite moment is when my niece sees the Santa Claus presents. This has an easy explanation and it’s because, at the moment, she is the only child in the family- so all of us are waiting the whole year just for this moment, just to see the happiness in her eyes.

Another great moment is when my cousins and I go out to have a drink and go to the clubs. This year we had breakfast together at 7 a.m. This would repeat at New Year’s Day, when we had the traditional churros with chocolate.

When was your best Christmas moment? Do not be shy, leave a comment!

There are many different types of food and drinks that we all love to consume at Christmas, from Minced pies to Mulled Wine. As time we get closer to Christmas everyone rushes to the supermarkets to buy the food and drink that we all love around this festive season.  When it comes to making your shopping list we all often forget what needs to be purchased! Below is a list of the must haves for your shopping list this Christmas:
-    Tins/boxes of Chocolates
-    Cheese & Crackers
-    Mince pies
-    Christmas Pudding
-    Cranberry sauce
-    Pickled Gherkins
-    Mulled Wine
-    Cream
-    Wine
-    Beer

-    Nuts
Of course not to forget the main ingredients for Christmas, Roast Dinners!
-    Yorkshire Puddings
-    Turkey
-    Gravy
-    Stuffing
-    Brussels Sprouts
-    Carrots
-    Parsnips
-    Roast Potatoes
-    Gammon

_Everybody knows that each country has its typical Christmas desserts, these desserts are to finalise the massive dinners that we have at Christmas days.
You will probably know the ones that are typical from your own country, have a guess...which are the most typical desserts from others countries?

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Find below a little guide to find other lovely desserts from around Europe:

    United Kingdom, the most typical thing to finish a Christmas             dinner is the Christmas pudding filled with dried fruits and festive         spices. The years Christmas pudding is served with brandy butter or     cream to give an extra delicious end of the dinner. Other desserts     are mince pies that are individual pastry pies filled with tasty and         dried fruit and then we find Christmas cakes are typical from             Christmas too, these are full of fruit and nuts.

    Spain, Christmas dinners are full of food in each country, but each     have different meals, in the case of this southern country we can     mention desserts such as the turrón, this one is made with toasted     nuts, sugar, eggs and honey. You will always find turrón and others     like polvorones and marzipans at a Spanish Christmas dinner.

    France, Some desserts are typical from this beautiful country too.     A real important dessert is the Yule log, the name is really weird but     the taste of this cake is amazing. It´s made of chocolate and             chestnuts. Christmas loaf is another one, part of which is                 traditionally given to a poor person. This dessert is more typical of     southern France.

    Germany, Christmas cookies are one of the most traditional and         important desserts, biscuits with a lot of shapes and decorations on     them. Gluhwein is very traditional as well, this is a hot, slightly         sweet and spiced wine. It will probably warm you up from the             typical Christmas weather. Be ready!

    Anywhere you decide to go at Christmas, you can be sure you will     be plenty of food and desserts. This is a short list of Christmas         desserts but you will probably know and find more around other         countries.