There aren’t many of us who have started a countdown to Christmas (123 days to go!) and even less who have started shopping for presents. That is fine since it is still early- or if you like to enjoy the magic of the festive season by running and fighting the crowd on Christmas Eve to get everything ready on time. But if you want to spend a different and unforgettable Christmas in one of the best destinations, it is never too early to start planning.
Of course, you have guessed it; we are talking about New York, certainly one of the best places to ever spend Christmas. Think snow and crisp temperatures, carol choirs at every corner, a tree bigger than you could ever imagine, skyscrapers and monuments decorated and fairy lights flashing everywhere, and of course department stores windows displays in the spirit of Christmas and you will have NYC. The city literally turns into a giant winter wonderland.
Whether your favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone or A Wonderful Life, spending the festive season in New York is a unique experience.

But as you will not be the only one to have this idea, you’d better not wait before booking a flight and somewhere to stay. For some good shopping ideas, check this guide where you will also find suggestions of other destinations if New York doesn’t tempt you...
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