There are many different types of food and drinks that we all love to consume at Christmas, from Minced pies to Mulled Wine. As time we get closer to Christmas everyone rushes to the supermarkets to buy the food and drink that we all love around this festive season.  When it comes to making your shopping list we all often forget what needs to be purchased! Below is a list of the must haves for your shopping list this Christmas:
-    Tins/boxes of Chocolates
-    Cheese & Crackers
-    Mince pies
-    Christmas Pudding
-    Cranberry sauce
-    Pickled Gherkins
-    Mulled Wine
-    Cream
-    Wine
-    Beer

-    Nuts
Of course not to forget the main ingredients for Christmas, Roast Dinners!
-    Yorkshire Puddings
-    Turkey
-    Gravy
-    Stuffing
-    Brussels Sprouts
-    Carrots
-    Parsnips
-    Roast Potatoes
-    Gammon




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