We are still a year away from next Christmas, but if you start to think in the next few months about your shopping it will save you money for sure.
Don't underestimate the possibilities, you have so many of them and you many not know it. Learn how to save money on Christmas gifts.

Tricks to follow:

Plan your Christmas gift list in advance, don't buy something you don't really need, try to choose proper presents in relation to quality and price.

Use discounted gift cards. Look for them on websites. Lots of stores wait for you.

Social media. Some of your favourite shops and retailers have twitter and facebook for sure. This is a way to promote some of their best offers and continue attracting new clients. If you are a follower (and it's easy to become one) they will probably provide you with the opportunity of great discounts.

Leave your credit cards at home. Take your budget our of the bank. Paying with credit cards will result in spending more in most cases.

Think of the presents for your friends and family. Resist buying yourself things. It's a temptation, with all of the colourful advertising and sales.

It's important to not take out any loans from the bank for Christmas, it will make the holiday unnecessarily stressful.

Christmas saving strategies are important to help you avoid being stressed at a special tiem of the year.

As a conclussion we will make a special mention to the people that they just spend their holidays helping people who really need it. Consider the option of giving more charity for your next Chrismtas.

_ Planning a fun, memorable and exciting Christmas holiday with the family can be a challenge. Making the most of your time with family over the holidays requires some preparation.  Here are some ideas for family activities at Christmas.

Creating Christmas decorations

Children love to make Christmas decorations. The simple process of creating festive decor gives the children focus and allows them to contribute to the home. Crafts are a great way to spend time with children, teach new skills and let them express their creativity.

Christmas tree

Involve children with decorating the Christmas tree, from buying the Christmas tree to putting the star, fairy or bow on the top. Head to your local craft store and pick up some Christmas craft kits. These include all the materials and instructions needed for easy and successful Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas gifts

Gather your Christmas spirit and allow the children to wrap Christmas presents (obviously if they don’t believe in Santa Claus). Help children create their own Christmas cards and gift tags - whether it’s on the computer or with card, glue and anything that sticks!

_ Family activities at Christmas

The festive season will have lots of activities for families to enjoy together. Grab your coat, hats, mitts and scarves and brave the cold.

Ice skating

Head to the local ice rink for some exhilarating fun on ice! The little kids enjoy the thrill, while they laugh at the big kids attempting to stay up-right!

Christmas shopping

Giving children a budget to purchase gifts is a great way to get children involved. Many shopping centres and Christmas markets will hold Santa’s Grottos and events to enjoy.

Christmas movie or production

Catch the latest Christmas movie at the cinema or go to the theatres to watch a Christmas production – gather friends and family together for a Christmas outing.

Christmas day

Christmas day is incredibly exciting for children of any age. Ensure the children are attended to, even when the extended family arrive. Christmas dinner is an important tradition of Christmas; however, it is important not to focus too much on the details that you forget to enjoy the day.

Make the children feel important on Christmas day with simple tasks:

•Helping with Christmas dinner

•Arranging the table

•Greeting guests

Time to relax

The Christmas holiday is a time where people reflect on their good fortune, health and family connections. Many of us are so busy with our professional lives, running to and from various activities, that we cannot spend quality time with the family.

Taking an extended Christmas break allows you to relax with the family, especially if children are home from a boarding school England based or elsewhere. The school holidays are important times for children to feel comfortable, at home and connected to the family. Preparation for boarding school includes ensuring the holidays are special, homely and memorable.

_ Resource Box:

Service Parents’ Guide to Boarding Schools

Useful information about starting boarding school, fees and choosing the right boarding school

Boarding Schools Association

Information for parents, students and teachers of boarding schools


Independent and impartial Office for Standards in Education

_Everybody knows that each country has its typical Christmas desserts, these desserts are to finalise the massive dinners that we have at Christmas days.
You will probably know the ones that are typical from your own country, have a guess...which are the most typical desserts from others countries?

Image source

Find below a little guide to find other lovely desserts from around Europe:

    United Kingdom, the most typical thing to finish a Christmas             dinner is the Christmas pudding filled with dried fruits and festive         spices. The years Christmas pudding is served with brandy butter or     cream to give an extra delicious end of the dinner. Other desserts     are mince pies that are individual pastry pies filled with tasty and         dried fruit and then we find Christmas cakes are typical from             Christmas too, these are full of fruit and nuts.

    Spain, Christmas dinners are full of food in each country, but each     have different meals, in the case of this southern country we can     mention desserts such as the turrón, this one is made with toasted     nuts, sugar, eggs and honey. You will always find turrón and others     like polvorones and marzipans at a Spanish Christmas dinner.

    France, Some desserts are typical from this beautiful country too.     A real important dessert is the Yule log, the name is really weird but     the taste of this cake is amazing. It´s made of chocolate and             chestnuts. Christmas loaf is another one, part of which is                 traditionally given to a poor person. This dessert is more typical of     southern France.

    Germany, Christmas cookies are one of the most traditional and         important desserts, biscuits with a lot of shapes and decorations on     them. Gluhwein is very traditional as well, this is a hot, slightly         sweet and spiced wine. It will probably warm you up from the             typical Christmas weather. Be ready!

    Anywhere you decide to go at Christmas, you can be sure you will     be plenty of food and desserts. This is a short list of Christmas         desserts but you will probably know and find more around other         countries.


Christmas markets are established at the advent time until the end of Christmas. They are really lovely, with really good decorations!

You can find all types of things you can imagine, traditional and original Christmas food, toys being made, decoration for houses, clothing and accessories...

It's a really good idea for a weekend, to relax and stay for a few hours, perfect with your family and your friends.

You can listen to carols in each corner of the street market and all the little houses where you buy presents will be luminous. Who doesn't like Christmas with this lovely decoration?

The most famous Christmas markets are hosted in Germany, where people usually drink a sweet hot wine called Glühwein to give them a warm glow.

One thing to take into account is that you might need to be armed with plenty of cash. It´s full of temptation!!

How special is Christmas time when you have a new member in the family.

Babies always bring happiness but during Christmas they also bring excitement and love.

Loving Christmas, loving family...

Around the city

Each year Bristol celebrates the start of Christmas shopping and celebrations with the switching on ceremony of the Christmas lights in the City Centre, featuring circus performers and fireworks to mark the occasion. Bristol also celebrates the winter season by installing an eco-friendly ice rink from November, 2 Christmas markets with a German wooden chalet theme and a nativity scene.  Santa’s Christmas castle also opens for visitors in Bristol over the Christmas season, and even the reindeer make a flying stop-over. Those who aren’t afraid of the dark can visit the National Arbortoreum which is transformed in to an enchanted forest.


With all of these special Christmas additions to Bristol City Centre, it’s no wonder that plenty of nearby businesses decide to have their Christmas parties in Bristol. There are plenty of shops in Bristol, at Cabot Circus, for anyone going to a special Christmas party to find something nice to wear, and there are plenty of places to stop for a quick snack if the shopping gets too much.

As well as the specially erected Christmas market chalets, there are also some one off special food festivals and fairs in Bristol over the winter period, such as the St Werburgh’s City farm fair and the Love Wine festival, or shop for cheese hampers at the Eat cheese! Festival at the Glassboat on the Welsh Back riverbank.  Other monthly or weekly markets have extra dates and extended opening hours throughout December.

Religious Observance

Bristol Cathedral plays host to some beautifully traditional services throughout the Christmas period, including family carol services, several showcases from different local Bristol choirs, and the celebration of the religious Christmas period at services such as Midnight Eucharist. The Bristol Museum and art gallery always holds special exhibitions at Christmas time, to celebrate the way different cultures mark the Christmas period.

Christmas Parties

With so much going on in Bristol, it’s bound to be the place for an unforgettable Christmas party. As well as the special Christmas events like the black tie Christmas Carol concert, there are also plenty of hotels and night clubs putting on special parties. Anyone looking for a special office Christmas party can choose from all sorts of themed parties, such as James Bond nights, Murder Mystery parties, themed 70s and 80s nights and spectacularly decorated fire and ice themed parties.

Travelling to Bristol

Bristol has plenty of central railway stations, an airport and easy access to the M4 and M%. So even if you’re not located in Bristol, it easy to visit this fantastic city to be a part of their wonderful winter celebrations. 

Image courtesy of Visit Bristol
I want to share with you all the Top 10 Christmas songs! 

We have to be ready for Christmas Day.
Christmas is almost here.

Only 67 days to go!  :-)

Do not miss these top ten Christmas foods for the festive season. The holiday is designed to bring people together to enjoy anything from family meals to Christmas hampers. Plan ahead for a stress-free Christmas this year.

Christmas in the UK is synonymous with gastronomic indulgence. From group meals to Christmas hampers, the holiday season encourages friends and family to enjoy calorie-filled feasts together. As the holiday approaches, be sure not to miss out on these top ten festive foods...

Mince pies and mulled wine

On a cold winter’s evening mince pies and mulled wine are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. For a warming mulled wine try the following simple recipe:

Mulled wine made easy

  • 2 bottles   red wine
  • 1 glass      ginger wine
  • 150g         caster sugar
  •  1              orange
  •  1              cinnamon stick
  • 2 tsp          cloves
  • 1 tsp          nutmeg
  1. Pour the liquid ingredients, spices and sugar into a large saucepan and mix well.
  2. Cut the orange into quarters and pierce with cloves. Add to the saucepan.
  3. Heat gently for 10-15 minutes. Do not allow to boil. Serve immediately.


The Christmas Day roast

No British Christmas is complete without a traditional Christmas dinner. Get the family around the table with roasted turkey or goose, roasted potatoes and parsnips, green vegetables and gravy. A stuffing is made from pork with either chestnuts or sage and onion. ‘Pigs in blankets’ (sausages wrapped in bacon), bread sauce and cranberry sauce are also popular trimmings. Christmas crackers liven up the main course of this substantial festive meal.

Christmas pudding

This fruit and suet pudding is a household staple for the holiday season. Christmas pudding is traditionally homemade months in advance, but nowadays there are many high-quality alternatives on the market. Douse in dark spirits for a flambé effect and serve with brandy butter.


Christmas dining deserves a hearty cheeseboard. Go for an English cheddar, a good blue cheese such as stilton, and camembert. Each family has its own favourites, but variety works best. Match with an equally wide range of crackers and grapes for a well-presented cheese platter, or wrap and make cheese hampers for friends and neighbours.

The Christmas cake

The Christmas cake, whether homemade or shop-bought, is a canvas for creativity. Decorating the cake is a great way to involve young children in the preparations and provides an added personal touch.

Dried fruits

Many people like to graze throughout the holiday season. Dried fruits and nuts are light enough not to spoil the appetite, while satisfying a sweet tooth. Dried figs, apricots, raisins and dates make a light snack when watching a Christmas movie.


A pâté, or terrine, is made from ground meat, fats and flavourings, which are minced into a spreadable paste. Pâté can make a welcome addition to a cheeseboard or gift hamper, or can be eaten with fresh bread and salad. During the holidays flavoured pâtés with cognac or brandy are widely available.

All things chocolate

The UK has one of the highest rates of chocolate consumption, per person, in the world. During the Christmas period cocoa products fly from the shelves even more quickly. Luxury chocolates make excellent gifts, can feature in a festive hamper, or can be hung from any Christmas tree.

The Christmas ham

A second joint of meat can be eaten cold in the days following Christmas. Leftover meat can be worked into numerous recipes, including curries, pies and casseroles. Be sure to have a jar of strong English mustard in the cupboard.

Scottish salmon

High-quality local produce should be at the heart of Christmas cuisine. Fresh or smoked, salmon is a versatile ingredient in festive cooking. It can constitute a main course or be used in canapés at the Christmas party.

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