This week-end, Christmas will only be a month away and it will become acceptable to get the tree up and decorated! After all, many cities have officially switch on the Christmas lights and adverts for games and other presents have invaded our TV channels. Furthermore, Christmas decorations have taken their place in shops. If you are looking well, you will surely find a place to get a tree nearby.

The decorations

But before bringing the tree back in your home, it is time to think about the decorations. We all have a box somewhere in the house with our favourite tinsels, angels, snowmen, reindeers... bought or homemade. If you want your tree to look great, you might have to discard some of the oldest items, or those that will not fit into the general theme. Or even make some new decorations.
Indeed, decorating a tree should be more than just throwing a few tinsels and baubles along with all the stuff accumulated over the years. Of course, some decorations are traditional and had their place in our trees forever, but take care not to overcrowd it. Three or four tinsels, including an electric one, a dozens of baubles and a few figurines are more than enough. You can still use the rest of the decorations in the house to create a festive atmosphere in every room.
Decorating the Christmas tree is a great moment for everyone and marks the start of the festive season!

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