Most people know that leaving their Christmas shopping until the last minute can result in frayed nerves, angry exchanges and a poorer selection of presents. According to loyalty-points company Nectar, it can also result in shoppers paying 50% more than their early-bird counterparts.

The further in advance yuletide gifts are bought, the more options that are available and the greater the savings that can be made. Here are five of the top sites for finding a pre-season bargain.

This is the UK’s largest voucher site, providing more than 77 printable vouchers and 2,300 discount codes. The site works by searching the net for discount codes, which are mostly from large retailers. Keeping an eye on available vouchers can ensure big savings for those with specific presents in mind, particularly larger Christmas gifts such as sporting or electrical equipment. The site can be navigated alphabetically or section by section. The most popular deals are those highest in the list.

This site provides pre-Christmas bargain hunters with a forum to share their discoveries. Visitors can search by category, or specify whether they want a voucher or a deal. Deals are rated by the site’s visitors, with the best appearing at the top of the list. The site is great for Christmas shoppers to slowly and cheaply build their yuletide stockpile.

Groupon works on the basis of collective buying power. The company offers a daily deal in one of the participating cities. Inhabitants who are interested in the deal click ‘buy now’ and provide the company with their credit card details. If enough people commit in this way, Groupon takes their money and provides them with a redeemable voucher in return (known as a ‘Groupon’). Groupon is great for finding pre-Christmas deals from small and medium-sized local businesses.



This is a lovely voucher site to use, with a clear interface and a useful ‘help’ button that explains how to get the most from it. It can be navigated by searching by shop, product or category. Just enter the Christmas gift of your choice in the ‘search’ box and see what’s available.


Forman & Field are a food mail order company offering a fantastic selection of luxury gifts and hampers. Their Christmas hampers, filled with festive treats, are a great gift idea – find gift hampers here. The site is very easy to navigate, clearly displaying each product. You simply click ‘add to basket’ and then select a delivery day convenient to you. There’s also a choice of gift vouchers.


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07/27/2012 02:27

I always use e-bay and amazon. they have great deals every year.

09/17/2012 00:31

kudos! A trustworthy blog, thanks for putting an effort to publish this information. very informative and does exactly what it sets out to do. thumbs up! :)

Joseph Aidan

09/24/2014 22:00

The site can be navigated alphabetically or section by section. The most popular deals are those highest in the list.


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